In this episode Stevens students Sarah Grace Johnson and Jessica Masur sit down with Ken Davis and Katherine Corrigan,  two people currently living in New York City. The topic of conversation sways from their favorite things about New York to the different experiences they have had living there. This surprising, exciting, and raw episode is sure to make you smile, as you learn about these real people and their experience as New Yorkers.


We sat down with Ken, Davis New York native and got the inside scoop on all the best of New York City. Born and raised in New York, he has seen neighborhoods change, and new faces arrive over the years. And while the inconsistent subway is his main method of transportation, he speaks on his love for cycling; so much so that he’s ridden a century in a day! Something to definitely be proud of. Ken is on his next adventure, stepping out into unknown places and photographing what catches his eye. Keep up with him on Instagram, we sure look forward to it!

Rudys Bar & Grill, 9th Ave & 44th St ; One of Ken’s favorite dive bars in the city


We also got a chance to sit down with Katherine Corrigan, who has been living in New York for 57 years. We talked with her on her experiences moving from apartment to apartment over the years, her favorite spots to eat, what it’s like dating in New York, and so much more! She is a force to be reckoned with, her spunky and upbeat attitude will make you want to move to New York City yourself, if you don’t live there already!

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